Color Wheel

The Color Wheel

My first sem work!! :)

A bit sloppy but my first poster coloring ^____^


Being Healthy with Hula Hoop!

It’s been 2 weeks since i started doing Hula Hoops. I am that kind who thinks about every possibles ideas to make myself more healthy but don’t act upon it -_-

Therefore, i chose the FUN way! HULA HOOP!! ^____^

It is Fun,  totally easy once you get hold of it, and has many tricks along!!

Here is a link to more info on Hula Hooping!!  :)

From today,i am staying healthy and happy ^^!! FIGHTING, Oh!!

P.s I feel so much better with my almost flat tummy!! ^^

Architect’s Studio

Architect’s Studio

One of the design works for the 3rd Semester, this was my first step towards designing and creating a space for  an imaginary ‘architect’.  With site analysis that included solar path-way, street pattern, site climate etc, i designed a studio house. The half domes and semi- circular shape and the slanted roofs, all came as an abstract to a WHALE (not at all related to what to architect’s studio) :D

This is my model of the Architect Studio. Cud have done much better but it is always like this! Time is never enough :P

I wanna Grow Up!

Life has led me through ups and downs. It will, again, in times to come. And what i will do, is experience those feelings, learn from them and grow as a human being. But, how far is this journey of growing up?? What is my destination? When will i stop?? These questions make me wonder about my real purpose in this life, not just mine, but everyone’s…

But for now, i wanna grow up and improve myself and my soul. :)